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How to survive a long Haul flights??

By Oliver Wilson Travel Tips

Travel to a distant place is not easy enough to enjoy. Generally people have to book a long haul flight (10 to 12 hrs. or more) for traveling transcontinental or transoceanic. Passenger fears are right for these long haul flights, but following some healthy tips can make you feel easy while


Nowadays swine flu outbreak is the hot issue all over the world as the decease is rapidly spreading in different countries. To aware people about the swine flu virus World Health Organization has issued warnings and forced all countries to take precautionary measures to prevent the disease.


Traveling is an experience which everyone has to undergo occasionally or frequently. People who are used to travel on regular basis face fewer worries comparatively to the novice travellers. How pleasant your journey would be, depends upon your planning. Traveling by air is little bit tricky


People generally get annoyed whenever they happen to travel by air. There are lots of reasons behind their uneasiness such as packing, planning & traveling arrangement.Traveling mostly troubles those who don’t travel frequently, but it does not mean that people who used to travel on re


The fastidious travelling is undoubtedly a challenging one. The major airports of the UK are serving millions of passengers. While going abroad or around the country for your important business meetings, at the last minute you need a quick packing for your unplanned travel. Instead of fallin




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