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Parking Issues

What happen when you get to know that there is no space available at airport parking lot? Thousands of people face similar problem at the airport before departure. The continuous increase in the numbers of vehicle causes a lot of problem for the travellers. Airport parking is becoming common


Did it ever happen that you drove to the airport, parked your vehicle there, went on your journey, came back and forgot where you had parked the vehicle? If yes then you are among the 14% Brits who forget where they park the vehicles. A poll conducted by Direct Line DrivePlus tested 2000


Long Term Parking Issues and Their Solutions

By Oliver Wilson Parking Issues

If you have planned for a long trip to any country or to your parent’s home and you are using your own car to reach the airport, then you must have booked long term car parking Luton airport too. But do you think you will see a clean and shiny car upon your arrival? Probably not! There are


How to Avoid Parking Issues at Luton Airport

By Amy Jackson Parking Issues

If you live at a walking distance from London Luton Airport (LLA), you can take taxi to reach the airport or your friend can drop you to the destination, then you don’t have to read this article. But, if you have to drive to the airport on your own vehicle, then you may have to face parkin


Tips to Eliminate Airport Parking Issues

By Oliver Wilson Parking Issues

Parking can be hefty or just mundane; it depends mainly on how you plan to deal with it. Advance planning is the best way to get ahead of the notorious ravings about the parking delays and having to wait hours to get your car and the bonuses of additional vehicle damages. All of which is tru




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Luton is not my favourite airport but these guys did a stellar job. Best price a

Stella Johns

Have used other companies before but none of them as good as Swift Parking. Easy

Cynthia Nathaniel

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