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The capacity at Luton airport has been increased by the officials beyond the limit, despite of recently starting its major expansion of infrastructure at the site. Many residents near St. Albans are protesting about this act of Luton airport. Among those unhappy with Luton’s services is


If you are going to fly through London Luton Airport, then we have some great news for you. Luton airport has extended the duration of free Wi-Fi and installed new charging stations for electronic devices. The passengers of Luton airport can now avail the service of free Wi-Fi for up to f


In the EU referendum, British voted to leave European Union and to live on their own. A couple of hours after the vote, the pound decreased to its lowest value in 30 years. Many experts said that it will have a huge impact on the economy of Britain and people should not have voted for Brexit


Record Number of Growth in Passenger Numbers

By Oliver Wilson Travel News

It has been 27 months now that the number of passengers travelling through London Luton airport is increasing. In the month of June, a total of 17.7% increase was seen in the number of passengers, as compared to the same month of last year. Overall, 1.43 million passengers travelled through


Luton as Visionary Transit HUB

By Oliver Wilson Travel News

Luton Airport is being considered a visionary junction these days. All the new developmental progresses are being immensely frowned upon as well as they are gaining travellers’ interest. Along with its previous access road, parking and airport renovation plan, an idea of light train was in




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Starting Quote Luton is not my favourite airport but these guys did a stellar job. Best price a Ending Quote

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Starting Quote Have used other companies before but none of them as good as Swift Parking. Easy Ending Quote

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