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London Luton Airport has been on a binge to make itself the best airport in the nation. With all the new projects and the exponential passenger growth it is obviously where they are heading. They are spending millions of dollars on the up gradation projects aiming all the progress towards pa


London Luton Airport in Need of Fast Trains

By Amy Jackson Travel News

It has been witnessed time and time again that Luton airport has been making remarkable leaps of success. Its passenger rate has been increasing exponentially and expected manage this rate in future. This boost in passenger rate not only swells the revenue but also requires a boost in facili


Everyone is aware of the Luton’s success streak. It has been going on for a period of 22 months now. Every month they have been breaking their own records. This January, the passenger rate incremented by 24.9% then the last January 2015. It would be a genuine understatement if we said that


Luton Airport Welcomes Two New Airlines

By Amy Jackson Travel News

Due to the increasing in the number of passengers at Luton airport, the authorities of London Luton Airport decided to welcome new airlines for the travellers. Recently, London Luton Airport has announced that two new airlines that will start their operations from next month & will be fl


If there were an award for the airport best facilitating its passenger and trying to make their experience more and more convenient, London Luton would be the undisputed winner. I mean sure Gatwick and Heathrow are also doing everything possible to curry the favours but the reason for that i




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