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Cancellation of UK Flights to Sharm el-Sheikh

By Oliver Wilson Travel News

The Sharm el-Sheikh incident was rather unfortunate. A lot of holidaymakers were stranded there whom finally have been brought home. The investigators are still looking into the matter of plane crash. It has also been revealed that a little over two months ago another British aircraft carryi


Luton Airport joins Energy Saviors Club

By Amy Jackson Travel News

London Luton Airport (LLA) is stepping up its game and has joined the list of world’s airports to be ascribed with the internationally recognised Energy Management Standard (ISO50001) by BSI. Isn’t that great? “The airport’s energy saving initiatives, such as the introduction of L


A Local campaign group for Luton airport HALE (Hertfordshire Against Luton Expansion) is claiming that Luton Airport’s expansion plans are based on projections to increase flights at night by 50%. “The claims are based on information in the Airport’s planning application which show


The summer is off and so is the vacation travelling. London Luton Airport did record business this summer. The passengers are happy with the services but the airport is striving for more. Following up on this successful summer the expansion plan at Luton has been initiated. Luton Airport


The Reason: Flights get delayed and cancelled all the time causing uninvited disturbance. But the Airlines are bound to compensate their customers every single time they make them, wait for more than 3 hours. All they have to do is lay their claim within 6 years. Situation: It is a very r




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Starting Quote Luton is not my favourite airport but these guys did a stellar job. Best price a Ending Quote

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Starting Quote Have used other companies before but none of them as good as Swift Parking. Easy Ending Quote

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