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London Luton Airport to the New Heights.

By Oliver Wilson Travel News

LLA has had a thriving business for the last year. The passenger rate kept increasing and it still is. In return LLA did some renovation to make its passengers feel more comfortable. But now there is an expansion plan in the mix too. The current passenger rate at LLA is 10 million annual.


LLA introducing Tensator Virtual Assistants.

By Oliver Wilson Travel News

A huge number of baggage used to get rejected at the security check point on airports. This was an utter inconvenience in terms of time needed to sort things out and the resources required to do so. Tensator Virtual Assistants, the original one instated on London Luton Airport helped resolve


London Luton Airport is Thriving.

By Amy Jackson Travel News

London Luton Airport (LLA) has been on a growth streak for the last consecutive 12 months. There has been a notable increase in the passenger rate every single month. The March of 2015 recorded an increase by 18.6% to 840,820 over the same month last year. That is a praiseworthy increase in


Luton airport has crossed a milestone by having constant growing number of passengers. It is recorded that the number of travelers was increased by 14.4% in the month of February. The year 2014 was also record breaking with consecutive 11 months of growth. It is reported that, the number


Nowadays swine flu outbreak is the hot issue all over the world as the decease is rapidly spreading in different countries. To aware people about the swine flu virus World Health Organization has issued warnings and forced all countries to take precautionary measures to prevent the disease.




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